#30 Alexander Bard - Digital Messiah

Ladies and gentlemen, Alexander Bard.

Bard is a Swedish cyberphilosopher, music producer, television star, and highly sought-after international speaker. He has written five books together with media theorist Jan Söderqvist. The first three titles – The Netocrats, The Global Empire and The Body Machines – have also been released together as The Futurica Trilogy and translated to over 20 languages. A fourth book Syntheism Creating God in The Internet Age was released in 2014 and in the autumn of 2018 the fifth book Digital Libido Sex, Power and Violence in The Network Society was published. Throughout their oeuvre, Bard & Söderqvist construct a brand new metaphysical system for the digital age, covering everything from the inner existential truths of the new physics to the radical utopian potential of participatory culture.

We discuss decentralization, the future of the internet, and how narcissism is no longer an adaptive strategy. Buckle up, this guy has that salty Swedish wisdom.

Show Notes:

I am starting to slowly roll out a YouTube channel (just audio for this one).

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