#8 BEING & BECOMING WHOLE w/ Thomas McConkie

This episode is a live recording of the ZION2.0 launch party.

I play some silly music, give a brief history of how the podcast came about, and settle in for an expansive conversation with Thomas McConkie.

Thomas is a Salt Lake City native with deep wisdom to share. He tells his story on leaving the Mormon church at an early age, moving to China to study Buddhism, and eventually returning to Salt Lake to launch Lower Lights Sangha, a non profit that teaches mindfulness, meditation, and developmental psychology to curious seekers.

Thomas offers us a window into what the future of religion could look like- organizations that celebrate the wholeness of all human beings, regardless of where they stand in their own development.

While his context deals with Mormonism, this conversation is relevant for anyone who has ever felt exiled from family, culture, society, or religion.

Website: www.lowerlightsslc.org