#16 Moritz Bierling - Heterodoxy, Anti-fragility, and a new Internet

Today my guest is Moritz Bierling.

Moritz is involved in a number of exciting projects: he is the Chief Catalyst at Holo (the distributed P2P hosting platform for Holochain) as well as a Senior Strategist at Exosphere (a revolutionary learning and problem solving community with a new HQ set to launch outside Barcelona, Spain).

I reached out to Moritz because of his story, his mind, and his values. I learned so much from this conversation about working through the Dark Times, aligning with purpose, and developing an insatiable curiosity about the world. This is quite an expansive conversation. I hope you get as much as I did from it. XOXO

Show Notes:

Follow Moritz on Twitter (@bierlingm)

Learn more about Holochain.

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