#17 Joe Brewer - Effective Spirituality and Cultural Evolution

This week I am with Joe Brewer, modern Renaissance Man and Systems Thinker/Doer.

Joe has dedicated his life to helping humanity navigate global challenges as a complexity researcher, innovation strategist, and transdisciplinary scholar who brings a wealth of expertise to the adoption of sustainable solutions at the cultural scale.  He weaves people and knowledge across fields to build capacities for systemic change.

He is a co-founder of the Cultural Evolution Society, a global scientific community dedicated to the study of cultural evolution, has been the culture editor for This View of Life at the Evolution Institute since 2014, is the co-founder of Evonomics Magazine dedicated to the evolution of economics, and has worked with a large variety of nonprofits, social-impact businesses, and government agencies to apply insights from the cognitive, behavioral, and evolutionary sciences to large-scale social problems.

Joe and I discuss the political system, effective spirituality, and why a focus on cultural evolution is our greatest chance for survival.

Show Notes:

Read his work on Medium: https://medium.com/@joe_brewer

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