#15 Peter Limberg - Making Sense of Culture War 2.0

This week, my guest is Peter Limberg. I found Peter on Twitter. Turns out, Twitter is actually a rose garden if you know where to look.

Peter (and co-author Conor Barnes) published a piece on Medium last September called “The Memetic Tribes of Culture War 2.0.” They do an excellent job placing us in this moment of history- where the “Left/Right” binary is far too simplistic in understanding the competing cultural forces at play.

Conor and Peter help distill the reality maps for these different tribes as they would articulate them. This feels like a giant accomplishment in the task of making sense of our current moment. Or at least helps us proceed with a little more empathy?

We talk about the OG Culture War, how it ended, the nature of memetic tribes, and how to approach the daunting task of sitting with Uncertainty. Cheers!

Show Notes:

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