#24 Daniel Jeffries - The Crypto Celebrity Hero's Journey

Today my guest is Daniel Jeffries.

Dan was one of the first grown ups I discovered when I first entered the moon-crazed juvenile world of cryptocurrency. Dan is a popular writer, having published science fiction novels and numerous viral Medium articles including Way of the Spiritual Warrior, Surviving Crypto Winter, and Rick and Morty and the Meaning of Life.

I wasn’t interested in talking to Dan about Bitcoin (though I’ve listened to him talk eloquently about crypto on many podcasts). I wanted to hear Dan’s story. What’s his approach to spirituality? What has he learned on his path to becoming a “B-list crypto celebrity” (his words) and a digital nomad who travels all over the world writing and giving improvised speeches at giant conferences about the rise of AI?

This conversation did not disappoint. Dan offers humor, wisdom, and a no-bullshit attitude toward designing a meaningful existence. If you aren’t already familiar with him, you’re welcome.

Show Notes:

Follow Dan (@Dan_Jeffries1) on Twitter.

Check out his work on Medium.

Go read some Jed McKenna, Dan’s primary spiritual inspiration.

Collin Morris