#25 The Future Thinkers - Finding Freedom in Uncertainty

Today my guests are Mike Gilliland and Euvie Ivanova from The Future Thinkers podcast.

I first discovered them around five years ago and was blown away by their creativity, insatiable curiosity, and entrepreneurial spirit. They were two young married digital nomads talking about psychedelics, technology, and whatever other cutting edge insights came across their radar.

What started off as recorded conversations over the breakfast table, futurethinkers.org has grown into a dynamic online community, a podcast with over 3.5 million downloads, and new online course offerings.

We discuss the early years of their podcast, balancing life together as married business partners, digital nomadism, and finding freedom in a world on the edge.

Show Notes:

Check out their new courses in Personal Evolution.

Follow them on Twitter: (@euvieivanova) (@MikeGilliland) (@FutureThinkers_)

Collin Morris