#26 Geoff Fitch - Holding Paradox

This week my guest is Geoff Fitch.

Geoff is a coach, trainer, and facilitator of growth in individuals and organizations, and a creator of international transformative learning programs. He is a founder of Pacific Integral, where was instrumental in the development of the Generating Transformative Change program, which has been delivered on three continents and in its 30th cohort. Through these programs, he has researched and developed novel approaches to individual and collective growth. He has been exploring diverse approaches to cultivating higher human potentials for over 25 years, including somatic and transpersonal psychology, mindfulness, innovation and creativity, leadership, integral theory, and collective intelligence.

I met Geoff while a participant in Pacific Integral’s Generating Transformative Change (GTC) program. We discuss the cultural role of Jordan Peterson and Ken Wilber, navigating today’s cultural climate, and what it means to hold paradox.

Show Notes:

Go check out Pacific Integral.

Learn more about the GTC program.

Collin Morris