#22 Tasshin Fogleman - Monasteries of the Future

Today my guest is Tasshin Fogleman.

I found Tasshin on Twitter (which continues to prove itself a goldmine for interesting, open-hearted podcast guests). I was following an inquiry around Monastic practice. I trained at Dai Bosatsu Zendo for a summer in 2017 but wanted to find an organization that felt more integrated with the modern world. I stumbled across The Monastic Academy based in Lowell, VT and started discovering exciting voices coming from this rural VT community (see Daniel Thorson’s Emerge podcast).

Tasshin is the Assistant Director at The Monastic Academy. I connected with him to discuss his path, how he discovered The Monastic Academy, and what is it they’re doing. How is monastic training relevant to the modern person? Should training be somehow different because it’s 2019 and shit is uniquely crazy? Tasshin and I explore toxic individualism, healthy ego development/practice, and how The Monastic Academy aims to address the current cultural crisis.

In 2018, Tasshin took bodhisattva vows with Shinzen Young and Soryu Forall, and received the name Tasshin, 達真. 達 means to “reach,” “arrive at,” “achieve,” or “touch.” 真 means “truth” or “authenticity.” Most people pronounce this with the Americanized pronunciation, which sounds like the English words “toss shin.”

Show Notes:

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Collin Morris