#23 Tiago Forte - Designing Your Reality

Today my guest is Tiago Forte.

Tiago is a writer, speaker, teacher, and researcher obsessed with the future of work. In a previous life, he worked in microfinance, served in the Peace Corps, and consulted for large companies on product development.

Tiago believes that the goals of organizations and their employees are fundamentally aligned around human-centered productivity. He draws on his background in design and technology to help knowledge workers improve their performance, discover better ways of doing things, and reframe their relationship to their work.

This conversation got bumped to the top of the quee because of it’s potent psychoactive nature. Enjoy!

Show Notes:

You can watch Tiago’s talk at Refactor Camp 2019 here.

Follow Tiago (@fortelabs) on Twitter.

Check out Adrienne Maree Brown’s “Emergent Strategy” and “Pleasure Activism.”

Go check out the Praxis blog and look into taking one the online courses offered at Forte Labs.

Collin Morris